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2008-02-13 17:53:23 by Johnny-Woodstacks

hey im jason i like this site mostly music but good games can anyone recomend me sum good music makers?


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2008-03-06 03:48:48

betty is a fag
if i met him id shoot him so much
id use his 1mm cock as a pencil


2008-07-12 19:46:26

Apple Garageband.

Johnny-Woodstacks responds:

garageband is gay and so r u

but i dont have a mac so i cant do that


2008-08-01 02:42:58

Check out my page for your musical needs!

Johnny-Woodstacks responds:

fuck u quit spammin


2008-08-08 17:38:06

FL studio, reason, garage band, yadda yadda yadda haha.

Johnny-Woodstacks responds:

i meant good audio guys but i found some now!!!


2008-08-08 20:21:19

my self is a music maker how a bout me?

Johnny-Woodstacks responds:

cool ill ad u to my favrites


2008-08-08 20:36:16

jason here review this plz pal!
: n/160392


2008-08-18 06:56:42

you suck balls and all you do is right bad comments to all games and movies and insult ever one grow the balls to insult them to there face jerk.wana be...

Johnny-Woodstacks responds:

ill pwn them.


2008-08-23 19:11:28

Check Out my Page!