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Entry #2

no more music

2008-09-05 18:07:16 by Johnny-Woodstacks

im sad i wont be able to make any more music

my dad took his computer back from my mom and moved now i have to use this crappy old computer

now i dont have any way of using FL!


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2008-09-05 23:36:59

That sucks bro.


2008-09-07 18:18:06

i keep seeing reviews in the audio portal and thinking you're stamper /fsdgs


2008-09-23 20:48:09



2008-10-24 06:35:46

If you still have your account information (assuming you actually BOUGHT FL Studio) Then you should be able to download it again. Unless your computer is REALLY crappy.


2008-10-24 15:57:20

Use another program that your computer can handle then?
Anyway, after seeing countless 4/10 thru 0/10 reviews from you, saying things like "3/10 sounds like a spice girls song no ofense but i haet it" I must say this:

You're a shitty reviewer.


2008-12-17 22:27:04

well i have over 100 songs on my page if you were looking
at my audio list.


2009-03-03 20:27:33

buy a new compter is all i can say!


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